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 Kusukusu (Approved)

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PostSubject: Kusukusu (Approved)   Kusukusu (Approved) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Name: Kusukusu

Age: N/A

Race: Guardian Character

Home World: Shugo Chara World

Current World: Shugo Chara World

Appearance: Kusukusu is 6 inches tall with a red clown suit with white dots, a green pufffball at the end of her hat, and blonde hair. She has a green teardrop mark on one cheeck and a green star mark on the other.

Personality: Kusukusu is a bubbly character who loves to try and make people laugh. She likes to perform random gags at the most ranodm of times. Her favorite thign to do is to see Rima smile and cheer her up.

Weapon: N/A

Fighting Style: Other than creating clown balls, she can only transform with Rima and can't really fight.

Elemental Alignment: Wind

Strengths: Kusukusu can sense other eggs, Guardian Eggs, X Eggs, or ? Eggs. She cannot be seen by anyone who does not have Guardian Characters or is a Guardian Character, and cannot be heard anyone ages 21 or higher.

Weaknesses: Elemental Weakness is Earth.

History: Kusukusu was born sometime after her kidnapping, based off Rima wanting to make people laugh but hiding it. Kusukusu was with Rima when she joined the Guardians, and everyone liked her right away.

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Kusukusu (Approved)
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