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 Special Shop: Rules and Order Template

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PostSubject: Special Shop: Rules and Order Template   Special Shop: Rules and Order Template I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 10:40 am


----To open a special shop you must get permission from an admin as well as pay 5 munny.

----You may only have two shops. The first is your basic shop where you sell weapons and items. Once you get 200 posts though you can open up a Mana Shop. Unlike the other shop in this shop you can sell spells, forms, anything involving magic. However you can not sell weapons or items there.

----Regular shops allow you to sell weapons or items.

----To place an order for an item you simply post in the special shop following the template given later on in this topic.

----If you don't have enough munny to buy the item you requested IC I'll break your thumbs... Okay not really but still if you don't have enough munny to get the item your order will be rejected.

----While you'll be getting these items IC this is still an OOC area meaning you don't have to roleplay in the post that you're ordering an item in.

----If the owner of the shop approves your order and sells you the item they will edit it off of their "For Sale" list.

----If for some reason the shop is getting out of hand the staff has every right to close it, however they must provide a reason.


Name: (What is the name of the character who is ordering this item?)

Item: (Which item do you want to place an order on?)


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Special Shop: Rules and Order Template
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